Al Qaeda Says ISIS Is Too Violent

Given all the media coverage of Islamic State, the terrorist group Al Qaeda has become increasingly marginalized in public discourse, seeming almost passé. Indeed, Al Qaeda has lagged far behind IS in attempting to gain territory in Syria, possibly explaining why its Syria branch officially spun off in July and became Jabhat Fatah al-Sham. However, […]

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More Consequences of Bombing ISIS

As Thought Front has discussed before, there can often be unintended consequences of strategic bombing. Facilities or infrastructure that may bolster the Islamic State may also provide vital services to ordinary civilians suffering under its hegemony. That includes bombing oil fields resulting in higher food and heating oil prices for civilians, and the loss of […]

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ISIS Admits It Is Losing

As Thought Front has discussed before, the Islamic State has been losing substantial amounts of territory in Iraq and Syria, and the increase in terrorist attacks outside of their territory is likely an attempt on its part to give the impression it is strong – a tactic that appears to be working given the public […]

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BuzzFeed Reported People Are Fleeing the Area Outside Mosul: Here’s More Information

There is a saying in the news industry: “When your mother tells you she loves you, check your sources.” And although this directive is frequently disregarded, often with embarrassing consequences, nevertheless it is an important guiding principle for journalists. The rule came to mind when BuzzFeed news correspondent Mike Giglio reported that Iraqis are fleeing […]

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