Editorial: Trump Must Resign or Be Removed

When Ed Koch was mayor of New York City, for nearly four years the weekly New York Amsterdam News ran 191 front page editorials, penned by then-editor Wilbert Tatum, that called for Koch to resign. The articles all had titles that were some variation on “Koch Must Resign or Be Removed.”

While most people might presume that Tatum called for Koch’s resignation because of the mayor’s record in serving the black community, something even the mayor acknowledged would make him unpopular, ironically the editorials cited corruption in the administration as the reason.

And as the Amsterdam News did then, so too will Thought Front do now: Donald Trump is unfit for the office of the presidency and must either resign or be removed from office.

Donald Trump has repeatedly exhibited warped ideology, rhetoric, and policies that primarily would harm humanity, causing disastrous consequences. While ideological disagreements on the issues per se does not mean one cannot serve in office (I am not going to say that every Republican must resign, for example), Trump’s actions and positions go far beyond anything that can be part of civilized politics.

There is his rejection of climate science, including anthropogenic climate change, a matter over which there is no substantive dispute. More than belittle the science, his transition team has proposed shutting down NASA’s climate research entirely, and requested the Department of Energy to name all employees working on the matter of climate change, seemingly in an attempt at a McCarthyism-style purge of people who engage in policy based on science inimicable to some corporate interests.

Trump also speaks of increased militarism, something that already has Al Qaeda ecstatic at the prospect of overt warfare in the Middle East that they hope will increase their ranks and unite the jihadist community. And at the same time as he denounces Muslims and undocumented immigrants for violence, Trump countenances Vladimir Putin’s acts of aggression and violence against civilians in Syria and Ukraine. He also wants to bomb Islamic State oil – which as Thought Front documented would not defeat the terrorist paramilitary, and also causes civilians under ISIS control to be unable to afford heating oil and food – based on the false premise that oil is the organization’s primary source of revenue (in fact it probably closer to 25%).

The administration under Trump is also shaping into a collection of corporate special interests, including the very ones Trump denounced in his campaign. His cabinet includes veterans of the dirty energy industry (Rex Tillerson, Rick Perry, Wilbur Ross, Ryan Zinke); banking (Elaine Chao, Steve Mnuchin); defense contractors (Mike Pompeo, James Mattis); and other industries. One questions whose interests any of these people will be serving in their respective capacities.

Trump’s playing to bigotry also renders him unfit for the office of the presidency. Although claiming someone is “racist” is nebulous, nevertheless Trump has repeatedly validated and circulated the sentiments of hate groups, including publicizing fictitious black crime statistics from a hate-fueled Twitter account. He also helped validate Islamophobia by calling for a wholly unconstitutional Muslim entry ban, in the process fueling sentiment that Muslims are somehow inherently violent or un-American. In turn, the validation felt by the proliferators of bigotry appears only to be emboldening them. Of course, there are also his repeated acts of sexism and xenophobia.

Then there is his temperament: rather than brush off criticism, Trump responds to nearly any attack with vitriol and slander, including his attacking civil rights icon John Lewis, as well as baselessly speculating that Khizr Khan does not allow his wife Ghazala to speak (a hypocritical attack, considering Trump does not allow his ex-wives to speak about him). This is in addition to other incidents that have been personally communicated to me of Trump’s petty rebukes to people who do anything that might slight him. One can only imagine what disaster this pettiness could engender in high level negotiations. On top of that is his refusal seemingly ever to acknowledge when he is wrong, including expressing no remorse for calling for the death penalty for the Central Park 5 even after all five were exonerated by DNA evidence.

For these reasons, among several others, Donald Trump must resign from the office of the presidency or be removed by any nonviolent measure.

This posting shall remain permanently pinned to the top of the Thought Front website for the duration of the Trump presidency, and may be updated periodically.