Terrorists Are Still Ripping on Trump Online

Two weeks ago, Thought Front reported on the fact that both Islamic State and Al Qaeda spinoff Jabhat Fatah al-Sham were rooting for Donald Trump to win the presidential election. And now, they are at it again.

The Twitter account Al-Maqalaat ‏(@Al_Maqalaat_Ps), which appears to be connected to JFS and threw its support behind Trump, took another shot at him today:

Reading the tweets and comments on the account of Donald Trump will make you laugh about how pathetic and idiotic democracy in the West is.

Al-Maqalaat may have a point that Trump’s Twitter account is perhaps democracy at its worst, albeit not an indictment of the entire system. And some of the more vitriolic and bigoted comments in response to Trump’s Tweets, including ones from white supremacist organizations, do nothing to change such a perception.

And once again, we see Trump has found his way into the media of a terrorist organization, despite terrorist groups initially not using him, as reported by Thought Front three days before the mainstream media did.