The Terrorists Are Rooting for Trump

Terrorist organizations in the Middle East are well aware of American politics, including the 2016 presidential campaign. Numerous experts believed that Republican candidate Donald Trump’s anti-Islam rhetoric, particularly his call for a Muslim entry ban into the United States, would create a wealth of material for Islamic State to use in its propaganda. (However, initially terrorist organizations were not using him in their propaganda, as Thought Front reported three days before the mainstream media did.)

Trump has ultimately made his way into various terrorist propaganda. But beyond that, terrorist organizations are actively rooting for Trump to become president.

In fact, the support for Trump spans multiple, competing organizations: both Islamic State and Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, which until last July was a branch of Al Qaeda and claims to still be on good terms with its parent organization.

In August, IS threw its support behind Trump in a post on its Nashir channel on the website Telegram, which said, “I ask Allah to deliver America to Trump.” The identity of the individual speaking in the first person is unclear.

Although the message did not elaborate as to why IS supports Trump, an investigation by Foreign Affairs concluded that there were multiple reasons: that his Islamophobic rhetoric (and policies, were he president) will stir up more support for the organization and more lone wolf attacks; that his presidency would do direct harm to America; and that he will initiate a full-scale military campaign, beginning the “Final Battle” with the west that IS has prophesied.

However, on Sunday JFS was much more straightforward as to why they have thrown their support behind Trump.

The Twitter account Al-Maqalaat (@Al_Maqalaat_Ps), which appears connected to JFS, bluntly proclaimed, “Democracy in the US has turned into a freak show with Trump running for president. Hopefully he will win the elections and ruin the country.”


There is no room for misinterpretation. The JFS-linked account hopes Trump will become president in order to ruin America.

And indeed, such an outcome from a Trump presidency is not entirely implausible.