Would Donald Trump Not Have Let Muhammad Ali’s Friend Go to the Funeral?

Donald Trump says so many insane things that one may forget some.

Because Trump’s proposal to ban entry by Muslims into the country is still part of his campaign platform. The thorny implications have already emerged, particularly Trump conceding that London mayor Sadiq Khan might get an exemption. Another issue, as Thought Front discussed twice before, would be that a number of Muslims who own pied a terres in Trump-branded buildings would effectively be locked out of their own homes.

And with the passing of global icon Muhammad Ali, the champ’s friends and family should be glad that no Muslim entry ban took place in his lifetime.

Because were a Muslim entry ban in effect today, there could be awkward complications for Ali’s funeral service this week.

What about Ali’s friend Antonio Inoki? A Japanese retired professional wrestler, Inoki was friends with Ali. In 1976, Ali and Inoki did a boxer vs. wrestler match in Tokyo that was simulcast at Shea Stadium in New York. The match, ironically, was legitimate with no predetermined outcome. As a result, the match was incredibly tedious, consisting almost entirely of Inoki lying on the mat and kicking Ali in the legs.

When Inoki had his retirement match in 1998 at the Tokyo Dome, Ali participated in the festivities to congratulate his friend.

Inoki converted to Islam in 1990, officially changing his name to Muhammad Hussain Inoki but continuing to use Antonio in public. He says he is simultaneously a Buddhist.

So if Trump’s proposed Muslim entry ban were in effect now, Muhammad Ali’s friend would be unable to attend the funeral. (Or maybe, being also Buddhist, Inoki could put one foot in the country.)

Trump, meanwhile, paeaned Ali on Twitter, despite having previously said he knew of no Muslim athletes:

Is that how you would treat a “wonderful guy,” Mr. Trump?