The Taliban Makes Two Unintentional Puns In Their Propaganda

As has been discussed before on Thought Front, the Taliban actually has a website out in the open. (Both Thought Front and the Taliban use WordPress.) The propaganda outfit has enough brain trust behind it that they are able to have their statements written in English, Arabic, Urdu, and Afghanistan’s two official languages, Pashto and Dari.

However, while their multi-lingualism is impressive (coming from someone who speaks only English), nevertheless their grasp is not necessarily the best.

Take their statement this week entitled “Remarks by spokesman of Islamic Emirate concerning latest speech by Ashraf Ghani.” Ghani, the current president of Afghanistan, recently announced a change of course in his policy of dealing with the Taliban, saying he will turn to the UN if Pakistan does not help combat the terrorist organization. Ghani also said he will no longer attempt any reconciliation with the Taliban.

The Taliban responded with their own statement, in which they peppered a few shots at America. The propaganda team clearly was trying to think of words to malign America. And two descriptors that sounded right were “pharaoh” and “idol.”

Good? Well, not in context:

Every intelligent persons [sic] understands that Afghanistan has been occupied by the American infidels and a war between disbelief and Islam is taking place in it. The head of this falsehood is the American Pharaoh given a local face under the leadership of Ghani and Abdullah working as mercenary forces in this war launched against Islam.


The dreams of victory and amount by which the armies of falsehood exude confidence due to the support of the American Idol, the armies of Islam are a thousand times more convinced in victory and ready to sacrifice for their convictions.

The head of this falsehood is the thoroughbred who last year became the first horse to win both the Triple Crown and the Breeders’ Cup Classic? That would have to be a very intelligent horse. Granted, that horse’s name is deliberately misspelled “American Pharoah,” but still.

And the armies of falsehood have the support of a FOX reality show? Is Simon Cowell equipping them?

I commend the Taliban for having so much linguistic ability. However, they could stand to have someone a bit more culturally literate in order to avoid these blunders, if they want to be taken seriously.