ISIS Makes a Major Goof In Its Propaganda (UPDATED)

(Updated to include comment from University of Colorado Colorado Springs)

In order to find ongoing material for this blog, I regularly check the website Jihadology to keep abreast of the latest terrorist propaganda.

Today, I was watching one of Daesh’s latest videos, “Their Assembly Will Be Defeated, And They Will Turn Their Backs In Retreat.” The title is actually verse 54:45 of the Quran, and is the name of one of Daesh’s military campaigns, according to the ISIS English language blog on WordPress (the same site hosting Thought Front).

Among all the footage of military might, and a beheading, is a segment that appears to be discussing geopolitics. At least, I assume that based on a swirling graphic of various countries’ flags. This is followed by a graphic using the United Nations logo.

That is, what someone at Daesh thought was the United Nations logo.


Someone presumably not proficient in English accidentally took the logo of a Model UN. Along the logo is text that reads, “UCCS Model United Nations.”

“UCCS” presumably stands for “University of Colorado Colorado Springs,” which at one time had a Model United Nations.

“I don’t believe this is associated with the University of Colorado Colorado Springs but will do some double-checking,” said UCCS spokesperson Tom Hutton. “The campus previously had a Model United Nations student group but it has not been active for several years.”

The only other UCCS of note I can find is University of California Center Sacramento, although I see no mention on its website of a Model UN.

Meanwhile, Islamic State needs to exercise more scrutiny when pulling logos off the Internet.

Three ISIS-connected Twitter accounts that posted the video (; ; ) did not respond to requests for comment.