By ISIS Logic, Terrorism is Win-Win

The other day, I discussed al-Shabaab’s used car salesman-like pitch to encourage people to join their ranks: just stand on the battlefield and you get up to 700 years of worship in your favor on the Day of Judgment.

Well it turns out that Daesh has come up with its own logic that also makes terrorism out to be a no-brainer.

This comes from a recent Daesh video with the unabashedly blunt title “Kill Them Wherever You Find Them.” The video, available on their English language page hosted by WordPress (which also hosts this blog), features the final recorded words of the terrorists who committed the Paris attacks.

Going first is Abu Umar al-Baljiki (aka Abdelhamid Abaaoud), who is believed to be the mastermind of the Paris attacks.

Al-Baljiki, it turns out, came to the conclusion that engaging in terrorism is win-win, based on his video statement, which contains English subtitles:

And know that for us it is not but one of the two best outcomes: Either victory in the land or martyrdom for the cause of Allah.

You see? By fighting for Daesh, you either win the war or you get to go to Paradise! By that logic, how could anyone resist joining the cause?

Granted, it seems to me martyrdom is substantially worse than victory, given that the former only means a reward for yourself while your brethren on Earth are not necessarily any better positioned to achieve victory. Dare I say, it almost sounds selfish of al-Baljiki to practically equate the two.

But who am I to tell al-Baljiki how to rank outcomes?