Donald Trump, Who Wants to Have Sex with His Daughter, Is Friends with Vince McMahon, Who Also Wanted to Have Sex with His Daughter

Donald Trump is like a bottomless pit of material for this blog. So, to quote Les Lye’s firing squad character on You Can’t Do That on Television, “What is it this time?”

Well, Donald Trump has gotten some heat during his campaign because, a few years ago, he in effect said he wants to have sex with his daughter, Ivanka. On the talk show The View in 2006, Trump appeared with Ivanka and said,

She does have a very nice figure. I’ve said that if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps, I would be dating her…Is that terrible?

Pretty much, yes.

So Trump would date his daughter. And although I cannot speak to what Trump considers “dating,” I strongly suspect it includes physical intimacy.

(No doubt, even though he mentioned Ivanka’s looks, surely he’s attracted to her stunning personality.)

The Donald has been the subject of incessant mockery over his incestuous desire, including The Daily Show with Trevor Noah creating a recurring segment entitled “Don’t Forget: Donald Trump Wants to Bang His Daughter.”

And it turns out that Trump has someone in his social circle who also wanted to have sex with his daughter: Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon is one of the only people whom Trump follows on Twitter. Trump has also made cameos in the WWE multiple times, including receiving a Stone Cold Stunner from Steve Austin, which Trump badly botched. Trump also donated to Linda McMahon’s senate campaigns (although Linda is now supporting Chris Christie for president, and once again doing her trademark throwing money away by pumping $200,000 into a super PAC for him).

And not unlike Trump, Vince McMahon also wanted to have sex with his daughter, Stephanie McMahon. In Vince’s case, though, it would have been a storyline, not real.

When Stephanie McMahon was pregnant in real life, Vince proposed they do a storyline where he was the father of her child, as revealed in 2006 on the McMahon DVD (there used to be a clip of this online, but I was unable to locate it). His daughter flatly said no, prompting Vince to pitch another idea: that her brother Shane would be the father of her child. Stephanie again said no.

Vince’s daughter later said it was the one time she was upset at an idea he pitched. “I don’t know who would find entertainment in a storyline like that,” she said on Vince’s DVD.

Granted, Stephanie’s recounting of the pitch was only that Vince would be the father of her child, and did not outright say incest. So at least theoretically he may have wanted to do an in vitro fertilization storyline. Maybe.

Although that was a storyline, perhaps Vince was inspired by his real life, having told Playboy in 2001 that he engaged in sexual activity with both his mother and stepbrother.

It appears, as the saying goes, that birds of a feather really do flock together. In this case, it’s two birds who want to rub cloacas with their own chicks.