Islamic State’s Brilliant Way to Hide Their Twitter

As I have covered before, Daesh has a very robust Internet presence, as do a few other terrorist groups. It is true that Facebook and Twitter have been cracking down on Daesh-affiliated accounts, but the terror group and its supporters manage to go strong on Tumblr, WordPress (which also hosts this blog), and to a lesser extent Google+ (until, of course, I took down their official Google+ page).

However, Daesh and its supporters still doggedly use Twitter, simply using new accounts whenever their accounts are suspended, which can happen daily. It is even considered a “badge of honor” to have your account suspended.

In fact, Daesh has a Twitter account (@aaam_89) right now. And I know it is official, because it is embedded in their official WordPress page.


One thing in particular stands out: they are using a bald eagle as their avatar.


So a group hating America brandishes the national bird of America. Is someone in the Daesh propaganda outfit being ironic? Is there a former Brooklynite among their ranks? Or is the Daesh team so ornithologically challenged that when picking a symbol of strength they unwittingly picked the one species of eagle that is a symbol of America?

I doubt it.

Instead, I think this is someone at Daesh’s idea to keep people from noticing the content of the Twitter account. They must figure authorities will be like, “Check the avatar, move on.”

And though it may be goofy, it might have actually worked a little. Because this account has been posting Daesh propaganda since December 31, giving them about 12 days of use from the same account, which is impressive by the standards of their social media circle.

So congratulations, Daesh.

UPDATE: As of January 14 the account has been suspended.

UPDATE 2: While there was debate as to whether Daesh was aware of the significance of the bald eagle, Thought Front has discovered one propaganda item demonstrating that at least one person in their media outfit is aware: