Islamic Militants Are Also Using Nixon for Propaganda

As I reported last month, a number of experts prognosticated that Donald Trump’s bigoted plan to prohibit entry of Muslims would soon become propaganda for Daesh. As I also reported (and the mainstream media reported three days later), militant Islamic groups had not done so up to that time. That all changed this month, when a video surfaced from Al Shabaab, a terrorist group connected to Al Qaeda, that included Trump.

Some people came to Trump’s defense by noting that Bill Clinton and President Obama have also found their way into propaganda videos, which is true. This led some people to scream media bias that there was only focus on Trump.

But if it is biased not to mention Clinton or Obama, then the news media must be showing favoritism to a number of political figures. That’s because, in fact, a host of world leaders across history have had cameos in Daesh propaganda, including David Cameron, Benjamin Netanyahu, Lord Arthur Balfour, and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Another politician making a cameo, surprisingly, is Richard Nixon, here shown in a 1971 photograph with Saudi King Faisal:


In a video released last month, Daesh condemns the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia, both of whom Daesh regards as blasphemous. According to Daesh’s version of history, the coziness began under Nixon when he took American dollars off the gold standard and began the “petrodollar system,” wherein oil is traded in American dollars.

The segment of the propaganda video, conveniently, is in English, with the narrator saying,

The demand for oil will always be high. And so too, as a result, the demand for US dollars. Therefore, following the Nixon decree, the American government directed their puppet…Saudi Arabia to use its strong influence in OPEC, whose membership is comprised of the leading oil-producing nations to manipulate oil prices to ensure that oil would only be sold in Federal Reserve dollars. In return, America would continue to militarily and politically support the [Saudi regime].

Daesh has reasoned that not using the gold standard is satanic (as I mentioned before, Shariah law has many rules for finance), and the group even created its own currency on the gold standard, which it apparently thinks will deal a blow to the US dollar.

Also making a brief cameo is Henry Kissinger:


Like Nixon, Kissinger is also shown pictured with King Faisal. Ironically, it is from a 1973 meeting in Riyadh where Faisal actually refused to end Saudi Arabia’s oil embargo with the US.

Henry Kissinger did not respond to a request for comment.

Does the lack of coverage of Nixon and Kissinger’s cameos mean the mainstream media is biased in their favor? Maybe Trump would think so.