ISIS Also Believes in Biblical Marriage

When Christian conservatives express their grave disapproval of gay marriage, they will invariably cite the Bible as a major reason. Kim Davis went to jail this year because gay marriage was against her religion. The owners of a bakery in Oregon payed over $135,000 in damages for refusing to bake a cake for a same sex commitment ceremony, because it was against their religion. And Alabama Governor Robert Bentley condemned gay marriage because “I have always believed in the Biblical definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman.” (Presumably he forgot about my namesake prophet in the Bible, who had two wives.)

And it turns out Christian conservatives can add one more group to the list of believers in Biblical marriage: ISIS.

That’s because Daesh cites not only the Quran, but also the Old Testament to justify taking sex slaves. That comes from Daesh’s recently leaked pamphlet on sex slavery that has been covered both by Reuters and Aymenn Al-Tamimi (who has become second only to Donald Trump in inspiration for this blog).

The pamphlet stipulates that Daesh fighters are allowed to take as concubines the non-Muslim women of enemy combatants. It does cite the Quran and Hadiths for justifying enslavement, even arguing that they are giving salvation to non-Muslim women in the process. But the pamphlet also cites examples in the Bible as justification:

There is no doubt that increasing numbers is strength for the Muslims, and the fact that the concubine slave girls may give birth is not an ugly or condemnable matter. For Ibrahim – peace be upon him – took Hajer (may God be pleased with her) as a concubine and from her was born Ismail, peace be upon him.

And the Prophet of God Suleiman (peace be upon him) had many concubines.

As the pamphlet points out, Old Testament prophet Abraham (or Ibrahim) had as a concubine Hagar (Hajer). And besides him is the prophet Solomon (Suleiman), who according to the Bible had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Granted, in context the pamphlet passage is specifically justifying that the lives of concubines’ offspring hold value. Nevertheless it is still implicitly using the Biblical examples as evidence that concubines are allowed. And in the case of Solomon the pamphlet cites no noteworthy offspring.

So before any Christian conservatives profess to be supporters of Biblical marriage, they should consider what the Bible actually says.