Would Donald Trump Not Admit His Buildings’ Muslim Residents?

It has been said that what makes a literary work a classic is that it is inexhaustible in meaning. So too is Donald Trump with regards to reportage. He supplies seemingly limitless material for this blog. Today, it is his outrageous, morally reprehensible proclamation that he would not allow any Muslims into the country.

Now it would be easy for me to write a column about him being a bigot, but instead I’ll point out some of the absurdities this would entail for Trump himself.

Consider, for example, the tenants at Trump Tower, where Prince Mutaib bin Abdul-Aziz of Saudi Arabia owns an entire floor. Is Donald Trump going to prevent a Trump Tower resident from making use of his apartment? Or what if, say, Prince Mutaib wants his son to come visit him in Donald Trump’s America?

Or what about Pakistani businessman Ghouse Akbar, who owns Unit 32C? He has a mortgage with Habib Bank, a British subsidiary of a Pakistani bank. Should the bank’s executives be prohibited from seeing the property?

And would Trump not allow into the country Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Advisor to the President of UAE, and/or the officers of his holding corporation, SBK Holdings, LLC? Because SBK owns Unit 29C at Trump Palace in the Upper East Side. Would Sheikh Sultan appreciate being shut out of his own apartment?

(SBK Holdings did not respond to my request for comment.)

Then there’s Turkish-American businessman Salim Gorur, owner of Unit 21I at Trump Parc. Would he like it if his compatriots could not visit him? Or would the officers of the Turkish bank VakifBank, from whom Gorur has a mortgage, appreciate not being able to enter the country?

Also at Trump Parc is Iranian businessman Arya H. Bolurfrushan, who owns Unit 17F and seems also to own Unit 18O.

So are they going to be locked out of their properties under your plan, Mr. Trump?