Google Thinks the US Runs ISIS

As part of my routine intelligence gathering, I was studying up on the leadership of ISIS. I turned to the trusted source that is Google as a launch point. But imagine my surprise when I entered the search term “who runs isis”:


To my surprise, Google states in its own answer box,

According to the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri, the United States runs ISIS operations in Iraq out of its embassy in Ankara, Turkey. The plan to carve up Iraq and spark a regional war in the Middle East was masterminded by the Atlantic Council, according to Hariri.

I checked on another device, and received the same answer from Google.

Granted, Google has not stated it as absolute fact. They qualify that this is on the authority of former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri. From what I can tell, PM emeritus Hariri says this information comes from an anonymous source.

The graphic is accompanied by the former logo for Integrated Systems Improvement Services, a federal contractor in the field of intelligence gathering, training, and technology. The company appears to have dropped “Integrated” from its name, no doubt to change its acronym, although the company website still has numerous references to it as ISIS.

I realize that people are able to work the Internet in ways to set up Google results, known as “Google bombing,” which has led to infamous results for search terms like “miserable failure” and “santorum.” But what was particularly surprising is that, as opposed to simply being the top search result, it appears in a Google answer box.

Google did not respond to my request for comment.

UPDATE: As of at least December 7, Google now gives a different result in its answer box.